The Travelling Yogi - Part 1


They say that travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer and I wholeheartedly agree. Whilst it’s sometimes a pain when you overpack or underpack and stressful to think about all of the possibilities, temperatures, money, experiences, dangers, excitement, missing those you leave behind etc. I can honestly say that any little grievances you may have with travelling are all worth it as soon as you arrive at your destination, any destination and you drop your bags inside the door.

Since moving back to Australia in 2013 I haven’t had much of a chance to travel, finding the time and the money amongst all of the other fun things and yoga training and classes, work, catching up with family and friends was hard. So now it is time for me to take a long awaited break, to travel, to experience, to explore and to be.

One of the hardest things when you are travelling is finding the time to stop. I’m always so tempted to be out and about, seeing and trying everything I can. And that doesn’t mean your typical tourist attractions, but meeting people, finding and eating local food, living the way a local would, following their paths and time frames.

You often feel that you only have an allocated time to be able to see what you want to see, do what you want to do and for this reason every moment is jam packed with memories.

Only having 2 weeks to spend in the Maldives at a Resort with so much happening would usually mean to me I’m exploring and organising and filling my days up completely. But since arriving a few days ago I have actually made the time to rest because after all that’s what a holiday is for.

Too many times I have gone away to travel for a month or more and spent every second of every day doing something, only to go back to a job with only 1 day to spare and straight away feeling exhausted because I never truly took a break.

This time it’s different, whilst I’m exploring and experiencing and doing something new each day I am taking the time to practice yoga, to sleep – maybe even 3 times a day, to eat well, to look after myself and to spend time alone. Whilst I’m in the Maldives I’m also teaching SUP Yoga, preparing lesson plans, meeting guests and managers and exploring the island and the food options. I’m not in a rush, 2 weeks is plenty of time, and if I think I’ve missed out on something, I’ll come back again another time.

I’m becoming more conscious of this fast paced world, the drive to find and to see absolutely everything in one go. I’m slightly disappointed because I wonder how I am ever going to see how of this world that I live in,  but I have realised even if I go at a fast pace there’s no way that I’ll see it all. The best I can do is to be here and now, to not rush.

So as I did here on my sunbed next to my bungalow, shading myself from the harsh sunshine I am taking this time to relax, to get used to a different state of being and to slow down and shy away from this crazy fast paced world. I am taking the time to be still and to refresh.