Breathe in presence, Breathe out Gratitude - Guest Blog

We all hear it. Be more grateful, be more present. But do we truly understand why it is important? Do we have a tool that can directly and almost immediately bring us into the present moment? Or is it just something we think is beneficial for our health and happiness but we don’t know how to integrate.

Do I even need to state that our breath is more important than healthy food, alkaline water, green smoothies and daily exercise. Why? Our breath is our life force, with out it we die within minutes. Our lungs are our life support, and our breath is always there to nourish our body with oxygen, cleanse our body from toxins and with little or no effort at all.

Anytime we feel scattered when making choices and “big” decisions, anxious about the future, stuck in the past, or nervous tension, our breath is here to anchor us. Ground us in the present moment where we can feel, connect and find clarity. Like a life long companion waiting for you to reconnect, with open arms and abundance of energy to share. When living in presence we feel truly “here” in every situation, whether we are walking, hanging the washing up or in conversation. Like we have no where better to be than where we are at this present moment. It gives us time to appreciate what is really going on “now”. Our days don’t feel as rushed just to get to the end. We stop racing to death and start living at our full potential right here, right now.

The problem is, it is too simple. Therefore hard to see the point in just taking a few deeper, slower, longer breaths per day. Human beings breathe 21 600 times per day so by changing 3 of these each day we are changing a massive pattern, which is life changing. The best thing is, correct breathing is free. Now there is something to be grateful for.

Bodhi’s passion for breath and yoga is contagious, his presence as a teacher is uplifting, joyful and deeply encouraging. A dedicated surfer, psychosomatic therapist, yoga therapist, Energetic healer and lifestyle specialist.