Q&A with Siana from Today Is Ours

Growing up in Darwin, Siana always knew there was more in the world for her. At the age of 20 she moved to Brisbane taking an alternative route to the more 'traditional' university studies and worked hard to be able to travel wherever she chose in the world. 

Living in Finland and Mexico and travelling to numerous other destinations, Siana knew that she was destined to something different to the normal 9-5 grind... and here it is... beautiful, natural luxury bath, body and face products that have been made using natural cleaning products, solar power when they can, and all of their products are vegan and cruelty free. Oh and did I mention that they only use natural products that are where possible certified organic and fairtrade that include no nasties?

Today Is Ours is a company that was started from a place of creativity, love and with ethical intent, a brand that offers a range of decadent products that truly nourish your skin and body and bring back the notion of true self love through bath and beauty rituals (think Cleopatra).

I was lucky enough to meet Siana at one of my Pop Up Yoga classes in Brisbane at the end of 2015, her energy is infectious, she is a beautiful soul and the ethics behind this wonderful company that she has started up are second to none. 

Read more about Today Is Ours and Siana in my little Q&A below... 

Q1: What inspired you to start Today Is Ours?

Siana is the natural beauty behind Today Is Ours, natural luxury bath, body and face products that will sooth your soul and your body. 

Siana is the natural beauty behind Today Is Ours, natural luxury bath, body and face products that will sooth your soul and your body. 

I knew I was ready to start a career but wanted something that would light me up, something that would inspire me and give me the opportunity to stand by my beliefs. I started attending as many small business classes as I could and became a sponge soaking up as much business information as possible. I made a coffee scrub one day as a side project and absolutely fell in love with making products. It was a new creative outlet for me and exciting to create beautiful things from scratch. 

Q2: Where does the name Today Is Ours come from?

I stumbled across a quote from the Dalai Lama - “There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow. Today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.”  Sadly I think most people these days live in the mythical land of "tomorrow", the land of "when". One day I will learn Spanish. One day I will take painting classes. Visit my dream destination. I'll be happy when I have more money. I want to inspire people to turn that all around and take action today. Enroll in that language class, do a budget for that holiday, stop and think of all the things you have to be grateful for and be happy right now. I think we have forgotten how much power "today" has, it's time to embrace it. 

Q3: How did you come up with the amazing combinations of natural products in your scrubs, face and body products?

Haha, with a lot and lot of trial and error using my family and friends as guinea pigs! I was determined to show people that you don't have to choose between natural products and luxury products so it was very important to me that they were PERFECT. I ended up having a self doubt moment, panicking and flying to Melbourne to attend a Cosmetic Chemistry course and was relieved when I showed the lecturer my formulas and she said they looked great, were safe and would have a long shelf life despite having no preservatives. 

Q4: What is your favourite Today Is Ours product?

Hm.. it's so hard to choose because I created all of the products myself so they feel like they are my babies! I would have to say the Vanilla Almond Latte Body Scrub and the Super Greens Face Mask. I am so so proud that my coffee scrub is the world's only certified Fairtrade body scrub and that I am only the second business in Australia/New Zealand to have a certified Fairtrade cosmetic. Now that our love affair with coffee has spilled over to cosmetic use also, it was really important to me that the farmers growing my coffee were treated and paid fairly. The facemask is such a fantastic and unique product, it is a concentrated powder that you activate with the liquid that YOUR skin needs that day. Dry skin? Activate with moisturising coconut oil. Want a hit of vitamin c? Cut open a fresh organic orange and activate with the fresh juice. The options are endless and its a much better alternative to the "one size fits all" masks currently on the market. 

Q5: I am in LOVE with the Peppermint Green Tea scrub, what are it’s benefits and what’s the best time of day I should use it?

Thank you so much! It seriously makes my day when I hear that people are loving the products! I recommend using it any time you want silky smooth skin! This is a very refreshing and cooling scrub so it's perfect as a pick me up in the morning or alternatively a great way to soothe and cool your muscles after a workout or long day. Himalayan salt is bursting with trace minerals, coconut oil, argan oil and vitamin e are extremely nourishing and hydrating for your skin and the peppermint oil cools sore muscles. 

Q6: What’s your favourite way to treat yourself?

In the last year I have fallen in love with having baths! I'll burn my favorite candle, run a warm bath with my Rose Oat Mylk Bath (it has dried rose petals in it that float around in the bath with you) and because I have such a busy mind I will put my laptop on a chair and watch an inspirational video like one of Melissa Ambrosini's Goddess Group On Demand videos. 

Q7: What’s your best tip for healthy living?

Being organised! The weeks I do my Sunday grocery shop and do some meal prep are definitely my healthiest! It stops me from turning to food that doesn't nourish me when I am busy or too tired to cook, plus I have so much more energy to exercise when I have nourishing snacks and meals already prepared. 

Q8: What are the benefits of giving your skin a good scrub?

Natural body scrubs have been used for centuries, they increase circulation, may reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and scarring, may help with psoriasis, acne and eczema. They remove dead and dry skin to leave behind silky smooth hydrated skin. Another aspect that I think is really important is it gives you some one on one time with your body. When I scrub I make a conscious effort to practise self love, especially on the body parts I previously have said not nice things about, for me that is my thighs. As I massage the scrub into my skin I say "thank you legs for helping me get around today. I am grateful that I have strong, working legs that allow me to get around easily, I know others do not have this gift and I appreciate you." I say something nice and thank each body part, it has become a crucial part of my self love practise. 

Q9: What is your biggest passion?

This has changed over the years, but right now, as cliche as it may sound, my biggest passion is being happy. Everything I do is in an effort to feel happy and content with my life. I consciously invest my time and money into things that light me up, like visiting new places, spending time with my puppy (who I am obsessed with) and becoming my own boss. 


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