Feel the Rebound

If you've ever done a Yin Yoga class you will most likely know what I'm referring to when I say 'feel the rebound'. This part of the practice is in some ways the most important because it is the chance for you to completely relax and observe the subtle movements and changes within your body. 

Too often we spend a lot of time living a very 'yang' life, moving quickly, one thing to the next - and although that is important, it is equally important, particularly during autumn and winter, to acknowledge the deeper, slower part of our energetic being and take a step into a more 'yin' place. 

Winter has always been, and will always be a time to reflect, to make peace with where were are and to calm and sooth our souls. You can tell because it's during this time of year that our bodies naturally crave heavier foods, more sleep, more indoor time. This is our bodies moving with the seasons and telling us naturally to hibernate (for lack of a better term). 

This past week I've had the incredible experience of not only switching into a more yin season but to learn more about the practice of yin yoga and all of its incredible intricacies and how this all links together so beautifully in life. 

The training was mind blowing, but some of the most important lessons that I learnt were actually about listening to your own body and not assuming that everyone else feels or is the same, to slow down, appreciate the silent moments, to only push as far as is necessary, and to take a moment to still the mind and the body so that you can naturally, with little effort, bring yourself back to a state of equilibrium. 

So for now, with this knowledge and inspiration in mind, I simply ask that you take a moment, lie down in a comfortable position, let go of your body and allow it to melt away into the ground and feel the sensations throughout, notice the rebound after your long day. Marvel in the amazing being that you are and remember that your life and you are the most precious resource that you own, so cherish and nurture it through the seasons and listen to what it is telling you it needs. 

See you on the mat soon x