Wanderlust Wrap Up

By Kat Harding

What an amazing, incredible, eye opening, awe inspiring, laughter filled, zen weekend…

From SUP Yoga to backbends, to Wanderlust videos and photo shoots, braids, flash tattoos, catsuits inspiring passionate speakers, music and more. You can’t possibly find a better array of wellness classes and experiences than at Wanderlust.

The venue was stunning, passing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, cruising the vast Sydney harbour lined by beautiful houses, walkways and parks you finally arrive at an island which from the outset looks small but is full of character from an era gone by. Surrounded by beautiful blue waters Cockatoo Island has ample green grass, shady areas and a mixture of beautiful industrial buildings that create incredible backdrops for photos, yoga and live music.

I took a leap and went alone for the weekend, and within minutes of being on the island I had met with a friend who I had previously only spoken to online and as more yogi’s and wellness gurus arrived on the island my network of smiling, happy faces around me began to grow.

Throughout the weekend I was spoilt for choice with so many styles and forms of yoga and movement that it was really hard to schedule for. Whilst I had picked the classes that I wanted to attend over the weekend in advance it became difficult to stick to ‘the plan’ as I met more teachers, experienced different styles and classes and learned to listen to what my body was telling me I was capable of.

The beauty of it for me was that there was not one person that I had either met in person or knew at Wanderlust and not one teacher who I had experienced a class with before. The weekend was one of many firsts for me and the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and to get inspired were everywhere I looked. 

Tiffany Cruikshank and Duncan Peak were amazing teachers, I resonated with everything they were saying and their flows and am so glad to have had the opportunity to be there in that moment with them for what was truly inspiring yoga. Living on the Sunshine Coast (QLD) we don’t often get the opportunity to have teachers like Tiffany and Duncan visit us in order to soak up their wisdom on asana, anatomy, compression vs. tension, handstands, arm balances, headstands, hip openers, yoga flows. The experience left my mind buzzing with information and inspiration and ready to take my practice and my teaching to the next level.

The community that I felt throughout the whole weekend can only be described as incredible. You could almost guarantee that if you stopped to chat with any person that was there you would be greeted with a smile, a run down on their favourite moments so far, recommendations on where to go next and would share a laugh about the weird and wonderful experiences that Wanderlust has created for them.

Reflecting on a weekend that could only be described as liberating brings back incredible memories and a smile that you will not be able to wipe off my face.

I thought I would share with you all my 6 key learnings from the weekend that you will see more about in a series of blogs I’m going to post during the coming weeks…

  1. Inversions take more than just strength, it is equal parts balance, flexibility and strength  (Tiffany Cruikshank)
  2. Consider whether an Asana isn’t for based on Compression Vs. Tension (Duncan Peake)
  3. The space in between asana’s is just as important (Kate Kendall)
  4. Dance is the hidden movement of the soul (Yoga For The Bass)
  5. You attract what you fear. You repel what you want (Melissa Ambrosini)
  6. You are enough (Franny & Alex from Violet Gray Design)

The Wanderlust experience is a must do for anyone who simply wants to break free for a weekend of wellness, ‘ah-ha’ moments and yoga, and it’s not jut for yogi’s it’s for everyone who wants to feel part of a global community. See you at the next one!

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