Why I don't have a New Years Resolution

2015 is here. Another year has passed. I’m getting that little bit older (albeit still very young). It’s resolutions time. Where do I want to be this time next year? Am I on the right path? It’s time to set realistic goals.

Like so many people it comes to that time of year where the holiday season starts and we realise that yet another year has flown by, and for all of our achievements, the ups and downs we now begin to refocus on what’s next.


And so the first of January has come and gone (it’s now only the 2nd) and I see and read everywhere the posts about goals, visions, aims and resolutions for the coming year but the one thing that I just can’t do is write my own.

No it’s not because I’m stuck in a rut, and yes part of it is because I’m still trying to figure out what the next 12 months looks like for me, how can I budget, save, achieve, capitalise on opportunities. Most importantly though it’s because I am choosing to think of the 1st of January 2015 as just another day that I can achieve my goals, both short and long term. It’s not to say I won’t dream, plan, write goals and achieve them, I’m just choosing to remember that every single day of every single year is the same and presents the same opportunities as the next. It’s simply a matter of saying yes to the opportunities that YOU want, the ones that make your heart flutter with excitement.

Why plan to start and finish on a certain date? Why not just go and smash those goals, make your dreams come true, write lists, cross things out, redirect, begin again, do whatever you need to do to create happiness in your life. Achieve the things you want to sooner, or take longer, make it as precise and detailed as you want, or simply jump in. The point is, don’t stop, don’t wait for the 1st of January, or the 31st of December, reflect, renew and refocus every single day because your mind and most importantly your heart changes.

Trust that feeling deep in your gut, acknowledge when you hold your breath without knowing, or when your breath catches in your throat, consider those moments and the action or words that brought about that feeling, allow it to sink in, before putting your next foot forward. But ultimately, don’t let it, or anyone stop you. Reflect and let go that which does not serve you (including people too by the way).

Your loves and passions will grow and move and so should you. Be fluid in who you are as a being, say yes more often, know your boundaries and trust your intuition.

That is my mantra for the year and for every year. And as Yoga Girl (Rachel Brathen) says the most important thing is happiness.