Inside Out Spring Clean


Spring is almost upon us. It is a time for renewal, and often the time when we start to look to our bodies and wonder whether we are ready for the ‘bikini’ hot beach weather to come.

But do we ever look inwards and consider if our minds or our souls or even our inner energy or prana is ready for summer?

The summer time brings energy, but it also takes a lot of energy. Lots of social gatherings, getting outdoors, food, special events and celebrations, time with family, rushing to get work finished or achieve new year’s resolutions from last year, plus exercising our bodies in preparation for the shorter more revealing clothing we need to wear (let’s face it, it gets too hot in QLD to wear too much).

So what do we do to prepare for this? Often we don’t do too much more than pushing our bodies harder than ever in preparation, over using the energy that we should be slowly building ready to use for the longer more active days, and in turn burning ourselves out so that when autumn and winter hits the following year we crash.

In preparation and as part of my slow build up to the Spring Equinox I’m cleansing my body, I’m cleaning it from the inside out including an organic cold press juice detox, lots of rest and a moving mediation through yoga. I’ve never made it through any sort of juice cleanse before and I’m intrigued to see how invigorated and renewed my body will feel when resting my digestive system and yoga is combined.

I’m ready to take my body back to basics, in nature, barefoot, natural raw foods, fresh air and a fresh state of mind in order to create the most liberating and enlivening experience I can. It may not be a way of life for most of us, with corporate jobs and fast paced lifestyles but I believe it will most certainly be beneficial for the mind and soul in addition to the physical benefits.

Spring Cleaning your body and mind every once in a while, even if it’s only to cleanse and renew in line with the spring season, will provide those invigorating and energizing feelings we are all looking for after a cold, dark winter.

With winter, comes summer, with darkness comes light and so the circles and the movement of the seasons and our beings go. So let’s support our bodies to move seamlessly through this incredible world by allowing ourselves to flow with the seasons accepting them as they are and accepting ourselves as we are.

If you want to join me on my spring clean I am hosting a 3 day juice detox and yoga weekend at Noosa Heads in QLD. The weekend will include 6 x 500ml jars of organic cold pressed juice from Noosa Cleanse and 3 yoga classes including a Spring Equinox practice of 108 sun salutations to honor the spring time and the warmer months of the year.