The Great State Blog - "Great Women: Kat Harding"

It was an absolute pleasure to meet the amazing Ellen from The Great State at an casual girly catch up on Friday night. Unbeknownst to us, we both turned up, not knowing more than one or two people each and after weeks of emailing we happened to sit next to each other and strike up a conversation. When we realised who the other person was the usual girl 'hellloooo!!!!' ensued with a warm hug and a bit of a laugh that we hadn't figured it out earlier. 

Before we left for the evening I agreed to answer some questions for Ellen's Postcards series called Great Women, click here to read it... (ps. they're not all about yoga either). 

You can test out Ellen's beautiful Soothing Skin Balm at one of her stockists or purchase online from her store, it's something I'm so grateful to have discovered and has been an absolute lifesaver for my skin.