Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga – What are the benefits?

Photo by Lisa Michele Burns for Wanderlust and Visit Sunshine Coast/ Queensland Tourism and Events. 

Photo by Lisa Michele Burns for Wanderlust and Visit Sunshine Coast/ Queensland Tourism and Events. 

It’s not surprising that every year we see a new trend or kind of ‘yoga’ is developed and becomes the new craze for everyone to try because let’s face it, it’s yoga, and yoga is about YOUR pathway to bliss.

What’s not surprising is that some forms of yoga are here to stay, because those who practice them can attest to the real benefits that they experience in their bodies and minds not only when they are practicing but in their day to day life.

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, or SUP Yoga, is one form of yoga that not only breaks down the barriers for those who don’t consider themselves yogi’s to give yoga try but it also encourages us to be outdoors and in nature and finding connection between what is outside of us and what is within us.

There are many benefits to a yoga practice in general, and whilst some of the benefits may not appeal to everyone, the benefits of SUP yoga most likely will. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how inflexible or whether you are male or female this practice is literally for everyone, even the most uncoordinated.

Why you say?

Here are my top 5 benefits of SUP Yoga:

1.     SUP Yoga combines the benefits of stand up paddle boarding (arm, core and leg workout) and yoga (flexibility, and strength) in a one-hour hit – giving you a full body, mind and cardiovascular workout.

2.     If you’re wanting to learn something new, a SUP Yoga class will not only teach you how to paddleboard, which is everyone’s favourite summer past-time, and will also provide an introduction to yoga and some of the different modifications you might actually want to try in a ‘land yoga’ class.

3.     If you’re a big lover of the great outdoors you can’t go past SUP Yoga. With a setting surrounded by water, trees on the shore and the sounds of the birds, I think it’s safe to say that a SUP Yoga studio is one of a kind.

4.     When you are practicing SUP Yoga, or any yoga, there is a huge focus on breathing and expanding through the breath, the added benefit of this in SUP Yoga is that you are breathing in fresh, clean sea air and studies have shown that sea air helps us to sleep better at night.

5.     Get out of your comfort zone. If you are used to being on land, and are ready for a challenge, this practice will not only challenge your body, activating muscles that you never knew existed, it will challenge your mind. The first time we try something new, our minds often tell us it’s impossible, and part of the challenge of SUP Yoga is letting go of the fear of getting wet, because let’s face it, it’s inevitable.

If you want to try SUP Yoga this Spring / Summer join me at my stunning yoga studio in Noosa for a class on Saturday or Sunday mornings (read more and book here) or for my Luxury SUP Yoga Day Retreat where you’ll be treated to a day of paddling, yoga, organic food and great company.

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Photo by @all_that_counts_photography at my Whitsunday's SUP Yoga Retreat

Photo by @all_that_counts_photography at my Whitsunday's SUP Yoga Retreat