Tropical Green Smoothie

As promised, here is a super quick, super easy smoothie that you can make 3 days worth in advance and keep in the fridge ready for when you are to eat it. 

I've been on this tangent to try and get my body as alkaline as possible, and whilst I'm still a sucker for sugar (particularly when I'm being presented with gran's home made custard and christmas pudding) I'm finding that supplementing my daily meals with an alkalising smoothie is definitely helping my skin, my cravings and my energy throughout the day. Part of the reason I'm trying to get my body as alkaline as possible is to help my hormones be more balanced throughout my entire cycle, which then impacts my energy, my mood and well the way that I live my life. So read on and test it out, I'd love to know what you think. 

The ingredients (I make enough for 3 days in one go):

  • 2.5 frozen bananas;
  • 1 handful of frozen papaya;
  • 1 cup (or more) of water or coconut water if you choose;
  • The equivalent of 3 servings of super greens, I've used Metagenics GTox in mine (but you have to had it prescribed), and have used the Food Matters Supergreens before too. The Gtox is tropical flavoured, so goes well with the fruits I include;
  • The equivalent of 3 servings of Collagen (see my Bulletproof Coffee blog to see which brand I've been using & why I've been including this in everything I can); and
  • The equivalent of 3 servings of natural Amazonia Raw Protein (unflavoured). 

Put all of your ingredients in your blender and mix until combined - I then divvy mine out into 3 jars (because I can't be bothered making it each day).

Each day when you pull your next jar out of the fridge add a bit of extra water and shake it up, the collagen can make the smoothie solidify (or become kind of like jelly) so this helps to make it drinkable again, unless you want to use a spoon.